Adwords Questions and Answers

Adwords Questions and Answers - Adwords information provided by Google often leaves questions in the minds of readers. This is an attempt to expand on the information provided by Google, and also answer those lingering Adwords questions.

Where is the Google Adwords Login?

The main login page for U.S. Google Adwords advertisers is

There are other Login pages for different countries and languages. These can be found in the top right hand corner of the main login page listed above.

Does Adwords have a Keyword Suggestion Tool?

Yes, but you need to be an Adwords advertiser to access the tool.

Once you are logged in, click on the 'Campaign Management" tab, then on on the 'Tools' link, then on 'Keyword Suggestion Tool'. Enter one keyword or phrase per line and suggestions are tailored to the language and country you selected. The results show popular queries that include your keyword and there are separate lists for related queries and any relevant suggestions.

Is there an Adwords Traffic Estimator?

Yes, but you need to be an Adwords advertiser to access the tool.

If you are setting up a new campaign or Ad group, or modifying keywords in an existing Ad group, you have the opportunity to get estimations of traffic. After you enter new keywords you will see the 'Estimate Traffic' button. Clicking on it will bring up data on 'Clicks/Day', 'Average Cost-Per-Click', 'Cost /Day', and Average Position. Unlike Overture, Google keep their traffic data under wraps.

Third party tools like Ad Words Analyzer (which uncover targeted keywords with high search volume and very little competition) are often used by successful advertisers in preference to the standard tool.

Are there Minimum or Maximum Bids?

You can set the cost-per-click (CPC) anywhere between US$0.05 - US$100.

What are the most expensive Pay Per Click (PPC) Keywords?

The most expensive keywords are found in competitive markets that have high profit margins and commissions. Markets like Search Engine Optimisation, Data Recovery, Web Hosting, Mortgages, Medical Malpractice, Lawyers, Attorneys, Leads, Telecommunications, Gambling, and Pharmaceuticals. Any of the common keywords in these markets attract top bids in PPC advertising. You can buy a keyword list with over 39,000 keywords ranked in order of price, and save yourself weeks or months of research.