Web Based
Bid Management Software for Pay Per Click Search Engines

Web based bid management software is the only way to go for serious advertisers. It is capable of automatically monitoring bids, and then either adjusting the bid gap or keyword position as per previously programed instructions.

Never again get bumped out of the top spots or find yourself overbidding after the competition dropped out. Think what you can do with the extra time this frees up! No more frustration! Sleep peacefully or go on vacation knowing your bids are being monitored and managed for you.

Most bid management programs now service many of the minor pay per click search engines as well as Overture and FindWhat. This enables you to expand your PPC advertising campaign while reducing your overall effort. More exposure for less work - what more can you ask for? Advertising with some of the lesser known PPC's also helps reduce your average price per keyword and increases your exposure to potential customers.

Automated web-based bid management software is an essential tool for serious Pay-Per-Click advertisers. Time and cost savings can be enormous. The time saved can be directed into other business-building activities.

The better software is moving toward "rules based bid management" to give PPC advertisers ultimate control over their keywords. For example you can specify days, or times of the day, when you want to increase or decrease bids. There is also a move toward Return on Investment (ROI) features to automatically bias bidding based on real-time sales results.

Standard features include -

  • Automatic monitoring of keywords, positions and bids
  • Automatic adjustment of keyword positions and bids as per pre-programed instructions
  • Detailed reports
  • Monthly subscription - The more keywords you have, the lower the cost per keyword
  • Runs 24/7 on suppliers server

NOTE: Overture was limiting automated updating of bids to 6 times per day, however it is now 24 changes and there are no restrictions on manual updates using Overture's own bidding interface. Also, Espotting are only allowing certain approved software access to their server.

Overture are following the lead of Google and adding certain bid management features to their interface as are various other PPC SE's. Advertisers are still considerably better off using 3rd party bid management tools for maximum control over their keywords.

The following bid management programs can possibly reduce your average costs by about 25% and time by about 70-80%. Work that out in dollars and tell me you're not interested!

Features, and to a lesser extent prices, change almost daily so follow links to the various product sites for the latest info.

Unfortunately for users, many of the user-friendly early web-based bid managers are no longer around. New users may find the feature rich programs which remain to be too difficult to set up easily. The detailed options required by power users can be very daunting for inexperienced advertisers. Be sure to trial the software before you buy.

Web Based Automatic
Bid Management Programs

Atlas OnePoint

Atlas OnePoint - (formerly GoToast) is a very capable bid manager that provides a variety of update frequencies to suit most advertisers needs. There is a choice of twice per day, every 4 hours, every 2 hours, every hour or every 30 mins. They also offer rules based bidding and ROI tracking.

Monthly cost varies depending on the quantity of keywords and the update frequency. The twice per day service starts from $50 for 50 keywords up to $625 for 1000 keywords.

Atlas OnePoint currently supports the most PPC search engines in the business. These include Google Adwords Select, Overture (GoTo), Overture UK & DE, FindWhat, Sprinks, Kanoodle, Ah-Ha, Xuppa (Bay9), GoClick, BrainFox, Espotting FR, DE & UK, 7Search, Search123, Epilot, SearchFeed and Turbo10, with other search engines planned for the near future.

The impressive range and quality of services offered by Atlas OnePoint is probably the main reason they have become the pre-eminent player in web-based bid management services for PPC Search Engines.

Atlas OnePoint is Overture approved software.

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