PC Based
Bid Management Software for Pay Per Click Search Engines

Pay Per Click Search Engine management software is capable of automatically monitoring bids, and then either adjusting the bid gap or keyword position as per previously programed instructions.

This option relates to purchasing bid management software that runs on your PC (vs running on supplier's server). Experience has proven this to be a very popular option embraced by many PPC advertisers.

If you have a permanent Internet connection and dedicated PC you can go to bed at night or take a holiday knowing your bids are being monitored and managed for you.

The better programs service the major pay per click search engines as well as many of the minor ones. This makes it easy for you to expand your PPC advertising program while reducing your overall effort. More exposure for less work! Advertising with some of the lesser known PPC's also helps reduce your average price per keyword.

Things to consider with PC based bid management software -

  • Your computer must be on or it doesn't work
  • Efficiency depends on your computer resources, ie cpu, ram etc
  • Possible conflicts with other software
  • Bandwith may limit the number of keywords you can manage effectively (a major problem for dial-up modem users)
  • What happens when you're sick, go on vacation or your PC is down
  • Running costs
  • Cost of Upgrades

Here are some results on bandwidth usage when I tested one of the popular bidding tools -

  • to check the status of a bid on a single keyword - 70k
  • to check and change a bid automatically for a single keyword - 180k
For one minute updates, average bandwidth per keyword over a 1 hour period was 6.2 Megs.

The major advantage is initial purchase cost but this needs to be weighed up against all the other factors. If you are worried about leaving your PC running 24 hours per day my recommendation is to look at the automation benefits from web-based bid management software.

NOTE: The 2 software packages listed below are "survivors" in the bid management industry. Numerous others have dropped out resulting in lost money for their users. Be aware of the very high attrition rate in this industry when you are looking to purchase.

PC Based
Automatic Bid Management Programs


BidRank Plus

- was designed with automatic bidding in mind and is flexible enough to manage multiple accounts. Very handy if you're managing several accounts for different clients or want to keep an eye on the opposition.

BidRank Plus now supports Google AdWords, Enhance Interactive (formerly ah-ha), BrainFox, MIVA, (formerly FindWhat & Espotting (UK, DE, DK, ES, FR, NO & SE)), Kanoodle, SearchFeed, Xuppa, 411web, Turbo10, Mirago (UK, FR, DE, US & Global), 7Search & Mamma!

There are also 5 different versions of Bidrank Plus -

  • Standard Edition (100 keyword limit)
  • Professional Edition (1000 keyword limit)
  • Business Edition (3000 keyword limit)
  • Enterprise Edition (6000 keyword limit)
  • Commerce Edition (12000 keyword limit)

You have the option to have BidRank begin the bidding process for all your keyword listings either manually by clicking one of the run options or automatically in timed intervals.

BidRank can automate bidding in intervals as far apart as 24 hours and 59 minutes to as often as every 1 minute (but only 24 automatic bid changes per day on Overture).

Other useful features include a secondary automation schedule with secondary target rank and bid max, and also a drop back rank when max bid has been reached.

BidRank is very strong on keeping up-to-date with the vagaries of search engine interfaces and constantly tweak their software while keeping users fully informed of developments.

PPC BidMax

PPC BidMax ™ - (formerly known as Dynamic Bid Maximizer) is a very popular pay per click optimization tool that helps you manage your keyword bids at most major pay per click search engines. Use it to build your keyword list, manage your keywords, and automatically monitor your keyword bids and URLs at all major pay per click search engines like Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Bing Adcenter under one simple interface.

PPC BidMax ™ provides you a powerful tool to allow you to manage your keywords, monitor your bids, analyze your positions and fix bid gaps.

  • Support for Google Adwords
  • Easy to use and user friendly interface
  • Manage multiple projects for different sets of keywords.
  • Built-in keyword builder to help you to generate more relevant keywords
  • Monitoring your (or your competitors) current bid amounts and your position.
  • Display your current bid, first 3 bids and your current position in one screen
  • Notify you of bid GAPS and remove the gaps to save money
  • Monitor your own URL or your competitors ranking
  • Automatically sends an email when your position is dropped
  • Flexible selection for checking any keywords or search engines and its combination
  • Customized keyword, bids and ranking reports
  • Export keywords and ranking results to Excel database
  • Auto Engine data file update to keep your engine data up to date
  • Analyze your clicks on investment ratio
  • Quick link to login area of the "Pay-Per-Click" search engines

Whether you are a direct advertiser or an agency or consultant who manages your clients PPC campaigns, you will benefit from PPC BidMax ™

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