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Do you advertise at Google Adwords, Overture, FindWhat, Xuppa, 7Search, Kanoodle, Ah-Ha, BrainFox or other PPC Search Engines?

Bidding software has been saving us A LOT of time and money and it has even increased our sales due to better positioning in the PPC search engines. It has become a critical productivity tool of our business that we would not be without.

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Here's The Problem ...

If you are currently advertising on Pay-Per-Click (PPC) search engines such as, you know how awesome it is to generate targeted traffic and practically guaranteed sales to your site.

But, there are two big problems with bidding on search terms:

Problem 1: You are always going to be OVER bidding for your search terms. As other sites change THEIR bids and/or stop bidding on a keyword altogether, you will find that at any given time your bids are an average of 10-30% too high.

Basically, you're constantly WASTING MONEY!

Problem 2: Managing all of your keywords and bids takes time. LOTS OF IT. And the more keywords you have, the more tedious and time-consuming it becomes. And unfortunately you have to spend time on it week after week after week ...

Basically, you're constantly WASTING TIME!

Here's The Solution ...

It's bad enough when you waste time OR money, but when you end up wasting BOTH at the SAME time that's horrible for your business - and your profits. We used to have the exact same problem and that is why we started utilizing bid management software.

By using the a PC or Web-based PPC bid manager, it is likely that:

  • You can cut the time you spend managing your keywords and bids by an average of 67%. For example, if you spend 3 hours a week, with bidding software you'll spend about 1 hour. If you value your time at only $50 an hour this alone would save you the equivalent of about $400 a month.

  • You can reduce your PPC advertising costs by an average of 24%. For example, if you currently spend $400 a month you can cut that to about $300 for the exact same traffic.Unless you never bid more than a few cents this could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars PER MONTH.
Basically, the more time and/or money you spend now on your PPC advertising the more you will save with bidding software. Many users even report INCREASED SALES due to better positioning.

We highly recommend that you trial any bidding program you may be considering purchasing to manage your PPC advertising, particularly if you are new to bidding software.

And Here's The BEST Part!

Want to know the best part about software like BidRank and Go Toast, for example? They're completely automated - almost everything is done for you automatically - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. AND you can try them RIGHT NOW for FREE. Just click this link to BidRank for all the details on their free trial for 15 days. Or follow this link to Dynamic Bid Maximizer to trial their PC-based software for 14 days.

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