Google Adsense

A New Income Opportunity

Google Adsense is perfect for webmasters who advertise on Google Adwords. In many cases it means you can do away with affiliate programs and partner with Google instead.

Basically, you are supplied with the necessary code to place Google AdWords on your site(s). For every ad clicked, you receive money (a share of what Google receives from the advertiser). You provide the content and traffic and Google provides the relevant ads and commission.

Click on the link above for detailed information on AdSense including -

  • Introduction
  • Should You Participate?
  • How To Get Started
  • "What If My Site Is Not Accepted?"
  • What other people are saying Are Saying
  • Integrating AdSense Into Your Site
  • Get The Most Out Of AdSense

Many webmasters are very happy with the income they are receiving from Adsense but their contracts do not permit them to disclose exctly how much they are making.

An indication of their success is the number of webmasters dropping their existing affiliate programs in favor of Adsense.

If you have a web-site with at least 15 - 20 pages of high quality content then you should definitely give Adsense a try.