Keyword Tools

Keyword Tools for Webmasters & Advertisers

Intelligent selection of keywords can be the key to succees or failure for income producing sites.

Selecting the correct keywords to build web-pages around can make a huge difference to the amount of traffic a web-site receives. Webmasters who carefully select keywords based on supply and demand can out-manoeuvre their competitors in terms of traffic and results.

PPC advertisers can lower their overall cost per click and raise the volume of clicks by selecting the maximum number of keywords to bid on. Having a large number of low cost keywords is often the key to profitability in PPC advertising.

The keyword tools listed below will assist any webmaster or PPC advertiser who wants to maximize their results.

Free Keyword Tool

Search It! - This is a unique and powerful search utility unlike anything I have come across before. The power and flexibility is amazing. The best part is it's Free!

It is contained in a small window that can be left sitting in a corner of the screen for instant use.

It is capable of a whole lot of specialized searches including Keywords, Domain Names, Reference Library Material, Site Research, MetaSearch and other Specialized searches.

Highly Recommended. Cost - FREE


WordTracker - WordTracker has been the preferred keyword tool of professional webmasters for many years now.

It is a subscription service that can be used by the day, week, month or year. The professionals usually have a fulltime subscription while part-time webmasters will often save up their queries, subscribe for a day, and then engage in a one-day research blitz.

When you search their database, WordTracker will tell you how often people search for related keywords, and also tell you how many competing sites use those keywords. It uses this information to construct a profitability index.

Wordtracker helps you find all keyword combinations (includuding mis-spellings) that bear any relation to your business or service - many of which you might never have considered. Then for each major search engine, they will show you the chances of making the top 10.

Highly recommended.

Cost: Day $8, Week $27, Month $54, Year $269

Niche Database

Niche Database - Internet Keyword Research Expert Frank Mullen requires you to sign up for a free mini-course before you access information on his Niche Database product. The mini-course and free report you get is excellent value. Don't be put off. Be sure to sign up.

Apart From Containing A Massive Database Of 14,000 Keyword Phrases, The Niche Database Is Also An Incredibly Powerful Keyword Research Tool.

When you secure your copy of Niche Database you get...

A Powerful Keyword Search And Analysis Tool (An Immeasurable Value) - like no other - you can find underexploited, non-competitive and in-demand niches with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Monthly Keyword Updates (A Value of $1,000+) - with the click of a button you'll have instant access to the latest untapped newly-discovered internet goldmines.

Google Adwords Teleseminars - (A Value Of $79.00!) Learn how to treble your pay-per-click traffic in just a few minutes!

His 4-Part Video Tutorial Series - (A Value Of $185.00!) Watch exactly how he does it in this 60-minute, step-by-step, screen-by-screen instruction where you can easily duplicate his success. (You access powerful tricks, tips and shortcuts for pulling the most effective results possible... Don't do any niche research until you see this one!)

Special 119-page report, "The Best Book on Website Conversion Ever Written!" (A Value Of $37.00). This is a must-have for any website owner! It's currently being sold on its own website for $37. But you get a free copy of this powerful, response-boosting special report.

Cost for the complete package is $97

Keyword Equalizer

Keyword Equalizer - A new, ultimate keyword research tool from Adrian Cooper and Jeff Alderson the creator of many popular pieces of software that increase profits and save time for marketers, webmasters, or search engine optimization experts like yourself!

"With The Power Of This Tool In Your Hands You Can Instantly:

Dig out thousands upon thousands of keywords from the Overture suggestion tool... Where you NEVER open your browser and manually go through all the terms for tedious hours-on-end. This could cut your time brainstorming keywords by 2/3rds!

Save HOURS of your valuable time by importing all of your keywords from the service Wordtracker with a click of a button!

Find out which keywords are the most profitable (ranked best to worst) for driving highly-targeted customers to your website using our built in "Magic Formula!"

Rise to the top of the search engine rankings, wiping out your competition, because you are the ONLY one in your market who knows which keywords are going to be the most profitable to optimize your pages around!

Uncover new product ideas WITHOUT spending hours researching! All it takes is the few clicks of a button!

Discover hot, new topics for articles so you NEVER waste your time staring at your computer screen waiting for ideas!

Reveal hundreds of new, more profitable niche markets, for your products! No need to decipher several different numbers... You just look at ONE magic number and

IMMEDIATELY see winning markets you should target your product to!

Know which domain names are most likely to ramp-up your sales because it's a term your most profitable customers are looking for!

Uncover dozens of related follow-up product ideas to double, triple, or even quadruple your cash intake from each and every customer!

Learn if your new product idea is likely to be profitable in seconds, rather than in many additional hours of intense research!

Cost $97

Adword Analyzer

Adword Analyzer - Ad Word Analyzer can lead you directly and safely to your most profitable keywords!

Just look at all the benefits:

Save time by calculating how many competitors are bidding on YOUR keywords in both Google and Overture.

Dominate your market by immediately gauging the "supply and demand" that exists for any given keyword!

View US AdWords without a proxy server no matter which country you live in!

Conduct multiple searches simultaneously! Another time saver!

100% compatibility with Wordtracker (import your Wordtracker keyword lists).

Ad Word Analyzer works the way you work. Import ANY text file containing keywords.

Save time by selecting than saving specific keywords from the results in a separate text file.

"Save as" feature allows you to export your search results in either HTML or CSV format.

Control your costs as Ad Word Analyzer automatically sorts from least to most Google campaigns.

Sort alphabetically, searches, results, R/S Ratio, Google campaigns, and Overture campaigns.

Cost $67

Adword Equalizer

Adword Equalizer - Adword Equalizer Finds The Most Profitable Search Terms And Products For You! This is a very comprehensive and well rounded package. Recommended

With Adword Equalizer You Can:

Instantly Find Profitable Keywords And Products

Never Have to Own Your Own Website

Never Have to Deal With Any Customers

Never Have to Personally Sell Anything

Increase your Current Revenues In Seconds

Know Exactly What Products produce the best profit

Know Exactly What Keywords produce the best profit

Multiply Other's Efforts Hundreds of Times For You

Expand Into Every Profitable Niche On The Net

Do Hundreds of Hours of Research With One Click

See A Hot Product The Second it Hits The Market

Find The Cheapest Traffic Possible

Drill Down Multiple Tabs To Expose Untapped Profit Machines In Seconds!

And Much, Much More...

Adword Equalizer Suite Includes:
1. AdWord Equalizer
2. Keyword PPC Equalizer
3. Affiliate Analyzer
4. Adword Equalizer Video Tutorials
5. Success with AdWord Equalizer Ebook

Cost $97

Keyword Tidy

Keyword Tidy - There are loads of power-packed features that you can use to explode your PPC campaigns and help take control of your keyword tasks. If you've ever pulled in keyword data from multiple sources, you will know how valuable this program is.

Load in multiple keyword files at once Removes duplicates

Multi-selection checkboxes for manual removal

Removes extra spaces at either end

Removes empty lines

Remove all pornographic or unwanted phrases

Remove using multiple unwanted files

Automatically sorts keywords alphabetically

Use default unwanted files or create your own custom ones

Appends phrase to list with optional replacement

Prepends phrase to list with optional replacement

Prepare massive lists for Google Adwords PPC Campaigns

Saves results to a new file or overwrite Save keyword list variations

Status and progress bar offer accurate user feedback

Compatible with practically all keyword programs

Cost $37