Bid Monitoring and Management Services

Specialist bid management businesses exist to service clients who do not want to manage their own keyword bidding and positioning. If you are a large company, have thousands of keywords or would rather focus on what you do best, then this might be your preferred option.

3rd Party Monitoring and Management Services

Creative Consultants Group

Creative Consultants Group are experts in SEO and PPC (both Google Adwords and Overture). They do PPC management, together with SEO and CRM, to deliver a complete package. They build and manage global PPC campaigns in multiple languages*. They have written "Insider SEO", a book on SEO and PPC, and founded the CCG have a dedicated personal support representative at Google, and Andreas has been certified by the Google Adwords Professional Certification Examination.

* CCG can provide PPC services in German, French, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Japanese, Chinese and Korean

Search Import

Search Import - have designed several do it yourself packages as well as marketing packages where they do all the work for you. They offer -

  • Automated monthly advertising account deposits
  • Keyword suggestions
  • Promotional packages that include keyword bid monitoring and management on 6 top PPC engines
  • Keyword targeted banners
Search Import have a Secure PPC Calculator where you can play around with numbers and design a PPC engine advertising campaign.

SureHits PFP

SureHits PFP - is a management service that will manage your pay for placement campaigns. They work with clients to establish and execute a bidding policy that accomplishes their specific business goals.

SureHits use AdProve, a powerful monitoring service, to measure advertising effectiveness. AdProve performance data helps to make PFP advertising more efficient.

Currently they manage PFP campaigns on Overture (GoTo), FindWhat and Google. They are Overture approved.

Did-It's - proprietary Maestro system allows marketers to automatically manage paid placement campaigns in Overture, Google, FindWhat and other top engines. All campaigns are managed in real-time based on specific ROI or behavioral criteria to assure the best mix of price and position. The Maestro system can be customized and tuned based on a variety of client objectives and strategies. These advanced customized strategies optimize performance across paid placement, paid inclusion, shopping search and portal search marketing campaigns.

Serious search engine marketers know that to win the search engine marketing wars they need the best technology and the best strategies. Did-it clients include top marketers, ad agencies and SEOs who insist on a flexible powerful technology as well as a high level of account services. is an Overture approved third-party bid management service with strong ties to the remaining search engines and portals, assuring a high level of service.

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