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Issue No.15

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I've never seen an offer like this before, and I don't think you have either.

This guy will have you loving' him, or hating' him in the first 30 seconds, but you will still end up buying his information - it's the "real deal". No fluff, just solid information.

See what I mean at this web-page

It's good value just for his unique approach to Adwords and AdSense, but the bonus chapter is worth the asking price on its own!

BONUS: I recently added an additional chapter to my ebook. In it I'll show you a few of my personal investment strategies that I use to make up to 20% per month in compounded interest on my money. And you can invest as little as $50, or as much as $100,000+. I will show you how to do the EXACT same thing. I've NEVER experienced a loss with these investments strategies. NEVER!

Just some of the information contained in this downloadable report:

How I kill ANY competition on Google Adwords, and pay less than them.

How my Adsense Ads have a 20% clickthrough rate.

How I earn an average of $1.00 or more from EVERY person that comes to my FREE websites.

How to get EVERY visitor to join your email lists.

How I attained and maintained a # 1 listing in Google for 3 years, for several of the most popular searches in the world. Over 100 million competitors. And it's still # 1 today.

How to get huge link popularity doing almost nothing.

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