Pay Per Click Search Engines - Part 2

Pay Per Click (also known as Pay for Performance) Search Engines vary considerably in their reach and amount of targeted traffic they generate. To achieve a reasonable return on your advertising investment you need an understanding of each of the Engines strengths and weaknesses and then tailor your advertising program to suit.

Results can vary quite markedly from one engine to another depending on the keywords you bid on. It is prudent to try all the engines in order to ensure that you cover those that best suit your niche.

With these smaller PPC search engines it is good value to check your server logs to see where the traffic is coming from and then tailor your advertising for that niche.

Unlike Overture and some of the larger PPC's, single keywords rather than phrases are often used by searchers. This means that accurate titles and descriptions are more important than ever if you want to receive targeted traffic. There seems to be a growing trend toward more accurate listings amongst pay per click search engines, so be aware.

The following PPC search engines are supported by one or more bid monitoring and management programs.

Supported PPC Search Engines


ePilot produces some quality traffic for certain keywords. You can tell which keywords by how high advertisers are prepared to bid. Well worth testing. If you are using bid management software you need to be aware that the ePilot reports may not be accurate due to the complexity of the ePilot system. Most bid management programs won't tell you that, but you can see for yourself if you compare results from the software against a search using ePilot.


Ah-ha produces reasonable traffic but it doesn't convert for me. Give them a trial and see how they go with your keywords. Don't bother with the logolink offer until you know whether you are staying.

One aspect of Ah-ha that I do like is the customer service. There are Client Co-ordinators who are assigned to help you. Nothing is too much trouble and they help with all aspects of setting up an advertising campaign, including selecting keywords.


Win4Win - Test, but don't go for the high volume untargeted traffic offer. Stick to targeted bidding.


GoClick - Test your keywords to see how they perform.


eSpotting is best suited to advertisers looking to reach European markets. They are very fussy about the quality of their listings and reject many that would be accepted by other engines. eSpotting are building some good partnerships with other sites and are generating steadily increasing traffic for advertisers.


NetFlip - Test your keywords to see whether their performance warrants further expenditure.


BrainFox doesn't produce a lot of traffic but are worth a trial. They have generous sign-up bonus which should give you plenty of funds to play with. Their bids start from $0.001 so bids don't tend to rise very fast!

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