Traffic Building Tips for Advertisers using PPC Search Engines

The following general tips will be of interest to advertisers using pay per click (PPC) search engines to drive traffic to their web-sites. However these tips do NOT necessarily relate to using bid management software or even PPC Search Engines.

One thing they all have in common is that in different ways they have been (and still are!) very successful in helping build traffic to my web-sites.


Hide Affiliate Links

Are you advertising an affiliate program on Pay per Click Search Engines? Has Overture made you add "affiliate" to your description?

A couple of very clever programs have just become available that provide a very simple solution to affiliate link problems and pay for themselves very quickly by reducing lost commissions.

Why hide affiliate links? The short answer is that it helps you increase sales from affiliate programs. It does this in two ways.

First, if you belong to an affiliate program like ClickBank, it is easy for other ClickBank affiliates to buy using their own affiliate ID in place of yours.

Second, it is difficult, if not impossible to get sites with affiliate links listed on certain search engines (including PPC) and directories. Get rid of the affiliate links and you don't have a problem.

NameStick automatically forwards your domain to any link you want (an affiliate link or another website link) using advanced cloaking - resulting in as high as 327% increase in clicks over the regular affiliate link.

This is the most useful piece of software I have come across this year. It also has a bunch of other uses that are a real bonus... More Info.

Affiliate Link Cloaker - This very helpful software helps you keep more of your hard-earned affiliate commissions by stopping others from robbing you or bypassing your links. While it has some very sophisticated technology and actually encrypts your affiliate link, all you need to use it is a PC and Web site. Even non-technical people can use it to quickly and easily stop affiliate link hijackers... More info


Ist SearchRanking

The free 1st Search Ranking Newsletter is a monthly newsletter providing tips on how to get top rankings in the free search engines. If you haven't subscribed to it already, I recommend that you do.

Visit the web-site to join and while you're there read some of the excellent articles. Between the articles and the newsletter you will eventually learn enough to get your web site get top rankings in the free search engines.

Secrets to their Success

Not really a newsletter, this is a subscription site where I pay for monthly access because the case studies have inspired me and given me fresh ideas for growing my business.

Membership to the "Secrets To Their Success" private site makes you privy to:

1) Over 150 pages of "No BS" Examples of REAL PEOPLE making REAL MONEY with their Internet businesses!

2) The exact step-by-step details of HOW THEY'RE EARNING $100,000 to $600,000+ per year!

3) 2 new stories per month

When you read these in-depth interviews, success stories, and web site reviews, you'll meet the owners of highly successful sites and learn how you can IMMEDIATELY APPLY THEIR KNOWLEDGE to your personal online success!

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Make Your Site Sell

My secret weapon! Make Your Site-Sell! by Dr Ken Evoy is astounding value. 1000 pages of the most high quality content available. No hype - reading is believing.

The Knowledge imparted by Ken has made many people rich and would take must of us a lifetime to accumulate yet it is freely shared in an easy to understand format, at an unbelievably low price. The section on keywords and PPC search engines alone is worth more than the asking price.

This book can help anyone build traffic to their web-site and make money online. All you have to do is follow the step-by step instructions.


Webmaster World

The forums at are among the very best available. Within the "Search Engine World" forum the two areas I have found to be the most useful are "Google" and "Pay Per Click Topics". All discussions are high quality with very experienced and knowledgable moderators.

Depending on your experience you may find other parts of the site more useful. Be sure to use the "Search" facility to check out the comprehensive archives.

If it's not on Webmaster World, it's not worth knowing. A knowledgebase of amazing proportions that should be on your daily "must do" list.

Follow this link to WebMaster World.

Free Search Engine Discussion Forums

The forum rules are nowhere near as strict as Webmaster World making it easier to share certain information that would be considered spam elsewhere. Many of the developers of bid management software hang out here and are very helpful if you have questions about their product.

Follow this link to the Search Engine Forums.